America's Unfair, Unjustified Vendetta Against Iran

Written by Ashok Dhillon - October 17, 2017
The United States of America (the U.S.) has two of the scariest words in modern diplomacy - “American interests”. Because, in pursuit of American interests, the U.S., after the Second World War, has done tremendous damage to other countries and its peoples while mouthing such falsehoods as - ‘peace’; ‘WMDs’; ‘democracy’; ‘justice’; ‘freedom’ and ‘equality’. 

In pursuit of these ‘noble ideals’, from early 1950s to the present, it waged covert and overt wars: Korean, Vietnam, Latin America, South America, Middle East, Central Asia, North Africa, Iraq, Afghanistan and Iran - all have felt America’s heavy-handed and often questionable idealism, and most were none the better for it. Additionally, the U.S. has been in ‘cold wars’ and ‘proxy wars’ with communist/socialist Russia and China which carry on in some form or the other, even today.

The U.S. has gone from a genuine post WWII, much loved hero, to the current damaging outlier that no one trusts. To cap off decades of ever more dangerous and destructive ‘freedom and democracy’ wars, which culminated in the total destruction of Iraq, Syria and Yemen - now the U.S. has Donald J.
and his dysfunctional Administration to offer the World as answers to its destructive tendencies. Americans will have to excuse the rest of the World if they politely decline the offer. 

There is no more a dangerous national leader in the World, at this time, than Donald Trump. Not because there aren’t any other bad actors in the World, there are, but because he is the President of the United States, with the utter lack of interest, and vast and limitless ignorance of all global matters. As he makes the school-yard juvenile statements and decisions, regarding Middle East Peace, North Korea’s leadership and their well advanced nuclear program, or the non-existent Nuclear Program of Iran, because of the ‘Multi-Party Nuclear Deal’ signed by Iran with the U.S. and 5 other majors powers, Trump continues to demonstrate his dangerously self centered mentality. He acts solely in his own interest by keeping his parochial minority ‘core-voter-base’ on side, along with the ‘military-industrial-complex’ sellouts, the war-mongering Republicans.

To stop Trump from triggering catastrophic damage, neither the Congress nor the Senate have provided the ‘checks and balances’ the American governing system is so famous for. 

As for the senior members of his Administration, his Generals - Mattis, McMaster, and the more recent John Kelly – they can only deflect him, but they cannot stop him. 

The rest, along with most of the Congress and Senate, are only aiding and abetting him by going along with his lies and falsehoods, as Secretary of State Rex Tillerson just did, in trying to sell Trump’s latest unjustifiable moves on Iran.
Tillerson has been gutted and ‘castrated’ by Trump in public (as Senator Corker put it), more times than is respectable or acceptable. Trump’s tweet, during Rex Tillerson’s diplomatic efforts in China regarding dialogue with North Korea, being a waste of time, is a case in point. But Tillerson has played the ever faithful, loyal servant and soldiered on, and as a result come out looking weak and non-consequential. It’s not an image that any Secretary of State should have as it entirely undermines his authority and his ability to negotiate on behalf of the United States. Which Government in the World would want to negotiate with a Secretary of State whose word is meaningless, and subject to being overruled publicly by a Presidential tweet.

But instead of standing up to Trump or resigning, Tillerson was making the rounds on television, woodenly, justifying with familiar falsehoods the recent unjustifiable and unprovoked moves on Iran with the dreaded - ‘America’s Interests’ - refrain.
What exactly are those American interests that Iran is not serving well? Putting aside for the moment the legitimate question, why should Iran be serving U.S. interests? Isn’t it supposed to be serving its own interests as a sovereign Nation, as forcefully suggested by Trump himself at his inaugural speech to the U.N.? That each country must serve its own interests as America will surely do so for itself under the ultra-nationalist (only for public consumption) Trump.

Questions of blatant hypocrisy aside, Tillerson accused Iran of: 

1) Acting badly – In other words doing what is in Iran’s interest, while complying fully with the signed ‘Iran Deal’, as verified by every other partner to the Deal – Russia, China, Great Britain, France, Germany and the U.N.
But that doesn’t suit Trump, America, Israel, or the Saudi led Sunnis, because then they don’t have the required reasons to wage war on Shia Iran, as America’s right-wing fanatics, as well as Israel’s, and Saudi’s Wahhabis have so desperately been wanting to do. 

2) Additional Sins  –  Well, Iran is accused repeatedly of ‘funding, exporting, supporting terrorism’. It is a charge that applies to Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and the other countries equally well if not more. Actually more. After all, Saudi (as in the 9/11 attack), Egyptian, Pakistani terrorists have attacked Americans more directly than Iranians have. And here we are only talking of Islamic terrorism, but terrorism comes in many guises and nationalities, including American (Las Vegas), Israeli, Norwegian, Chinese (stabbing of school children) etc. By the way, Al Qaida and ISIS were both bred from Saudi Sunni Wahhabi extremism, NOT Iranian Shia ideology. Not that that distinction matters to Trump, Netanyahu, the Generals - it simply does not serve the American interests – or the Israeli interests for that matter (Below – Netanyahu’s lies about Iran having a nuclear bomb, at the U.N., similar to Colin Powell’s Iraq’s ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction’).
3) As for the 5 Nation negotiated and signed Iran Deal, Tillerson said that Trump is unhappy that Iran has too much time to rectify their mistakes, if any, and therefore is being ‘technically compliant’, but not in spirit. Really? This is like listening to unethical lawyers making up imaginary breaches of contract on the fly, while ignoring the compliant written part.

Firstly, the other 5 Partner Nations to the Deal, Great Britain, France, Germany, Russia, China, and the U.N., are happy with Iran’s compliance and verify it as so. By just cooking up reasons to break an International Agreement loses America its credibility as a responsible Nation. Who wants to enter into agreements with someone who has a reputation of breaking them, at their own whim, or for their sole interest?
Does anyone think that jerking Iran around, after they have negotiated in good faith, the stoppage of their nuclear program, gives North Korea any incentive to negotiate in good faith with the United States regarding its Nuclear Program? The hypocrisy of such actions is stunning to the rest of the World, and therefore highly damaging to the U.S.  

Tillerson went on to say that Trump wants to renegotiate a ‘Better Agreement’, or a ‘supplemental’ agreement, blithely unaware of the irony, that to not honor an agreement is to be in violation of it, as America would be once it breaks the terms of this one. If agreements such as this cease to be acceptable agreements just because America deems them so, they are no longer ‘Multi-Party Agreements’ but ‘Unilateral-Agreements’, of America’s alone. Only Trump could come up with this idiocy and expect anyone to take him seriously.

4) Of course now that Trump wants to break the Agreement with Iran, he and his team start to change the terms of the Agreement. It is no longer Iran’s Nuclear Program that is of concern. According to Tillerson, now it’s ‘Iran’s broader range of threats’. So it was never the agreement in the first place as everyone suspected. We all know Trump doesn’t read any of the agreements, or any policy or legislative documents, and so never has a clue what’s really in them. He is just hell bent in destroying everything noteworthy that Obama has done, as he could never match him, and it doesn’t have to make any sense at all (very much like Obamacare). 

Well, in International agreements that are multi-party, the rest of the Parties don’t have to go along with his agenda, unlike the Republicans at home. So everybody else in the Iran Agreement is giving him the finger - including the Partners. 

Tillerson then goes on to list some other threats supposedly posed by Iran.

Iran’s support of ‘Lebanese Hezbollah, Hamas’. He of course doesn’t mention Al Qaida and ISIS, which are, and have been, far greater threat to the U.S. But the small wrinkle there is – they, Al Qaida & ISIS, are ‘special friend’ Saudi Arabia and Sunni sponsored, not Iranian. 

He mentions Iran’s support of Houthi rebels in Yemen. Iran will support the Houthis because they are Shia Muslims in a Saudi backed Sunni majority country, Yemen, where they have been persecuted for decades. Iran is the only Shia majority Country and will try and support all Shia Muslims, as it is doing in Syria, Iraq, Pakistan and Yemen.

Tillerson then uses a sleight of hand trick and accuses Iran of supporting ‘the rebels in Syria, the Assad regime’. Bashar al-Assad was the ruler of Syria, its President, his regime cannot be ‘the rebels’, it is those that oppose him, are the rebels. And the ‘rebels’ are supported by the U.S.

Iran, along with Russia, is supporting the ruler Bashar al-Assad against the U.S. and Saudi backed rebels. It is the U.S. and Saudi Arabia that is supporting the rebels, not Iran. Minor detail? Of such distortions are America’s justifications of persecuting Iran are made off.

Then Rex goes on to really shameful stuff. 

He pulls out the - ‘we are for the Irani people, democracy, freedom and their future participation in commerce and trade in the region’. There can be nothing further from the truth.
America’s CIA, upon the request of British Intelligence (SIS), destroyed ‘democracy’ in Iran by deposing the elected Prime Minister, Mohammad Mosaddegh, in a Coup d’état in1953, when he proposed, along with other beneficial Reforms, to nationalize the Iran’s Oil Industry from British ownership, for the benefit of the Irani people. The CIA reinstalled the Shah of Iran, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, and with Israel’s Mossad’s help developed his dreaded secret police ‘SAVAK’, the ‘most hated and feared institution’ that kept the Shah in power by torturing and executing any and all Irani people suspected of opposing the Shah (they did not have to be guilty, just suspect).  

That period of dictatorship and terror under the Shah, when America, Britain, and Israel continued to get the benefit of Iran’s rich resources, especially oil, paved the way for the return of Ayatollah Khomeini and the ‘Islamic Revolution’, and the current much maligned and persecuted Iran. Iran’s actions are certainly no worse than most other nations, particularly Saudi, which it can be argued is more responsible for Islamic extremism, is more oppressive, dictatorial and fanatical.

We are not advocating any of Iran’s wrong behavior, but we are also not so ignorant as to swallow all the utter rubbish that Trump and his Administration are expecting their indifferent fellow Americans, and the ‘could  care-less’ portion of the World to swallow. The West and especially the U.S. must turn towards fairness and truthfulness because the lies have not created ‘A Better World’ but instead, hundreds of millions have suffered, died and been displaced because of them. 

After the ‘Islamic Revolution’ which it helped trigger, America has imposed increasingly harsh economic, financial and military sanctions on Iran for decades, and ‘frozen’, and confiscated its money and other assets, in America and in Europe. The cash that Trump keeps trumpeting Obama ‘gave’ to
Iran on the signing of the Iran Agreement, was in fact Iran’s own money. It was the money forwarded to the U.S. for parts for Iran’s American made Air Force in 1979 that America kept and never advanced the parts for. Obama returned Iran’s money that America had just kept for all that time. The abuses on Iran and its people keep mounting, under lies and distortions, and the greatest sufferers have been the Iranian people, who have had to live first under the terror of the American installed puppet, the Shah, and his CIA/Mossad created secret police SAVAK, and then through decades of economic deprivation under harsh economic sanctions imposed by the U.S.

Now, in spite of the ‘Speech’ at the U.N. when Trump so boldly stated that America was not interested in ‘Regime Changes’ any more, and that every country must pursue its own self interest, like America, Tillerson was advocating regime change in Iran by talking ‘freedom, democracy’ which Iran already has (it just held its elections) and Saudi doesn’t, but neither Trump nor Tillerson bring that up as it doesn’t serve ‘American interests’.  The double standards are just too glaring.

Also, in spite of Trump’s speech about a country’s Right to its sovereignty, self-determination, and pursuit of its own self-interest, not only can Iran not pursue any nuclear weapons program, which it isn’t (confirmed by independent U.N. bodies, plus the CIA and Israel’s Mossad), but it cannot develop its missile capability for defense purposes, and or further its economic interests, or choose its government if America doesn’t like it, or use its resources for its own economic gain, but be subjected to dictates from Washington for all its actions. Neither America nor Israel wants a strong Iran. They want it crippled like Iraq and Syria, and have done everything in their power to make it so. Obama saw the inherent injustice of it all and tried to address the concerns of Israel, America, and the World, by negotiating a diplomatic solution with 5 other major powers, some of which are America’s closest allies, and succeeded where others had failed. But then comes an insecure, unintelligent, self centered dimwit, Trump, and makes it his mission to be simply destructive, and turn once again to punishing Iran, unfairly, by making blatantly false accusations, for the sake of ‘America’s Interests’.  Since 1953, America has done Iran enough injustice.

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