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The Economic Dangers Of Trump Hype
About 9 years ago, after the greatest financial-economic crisis of modern times in late 2008, the Federal Reserve (the Fed) led the major Central Banks of the World in an unprecedented rescue effort of the global financial system. They flooded the system with liquidity through extraordinary measures called ‘Quantitative Easing’ (printing money and purchasing Bonds to flood the financial system with cash), and by dropping interest rates to unprecedented historic low levels of near zero to negative rates. By taking these extraordinary steps, they, the Fed, and the other major Central Banks, collectively, saved the global financial system from total collapse, and thus the global economy from complete chaos. The price of this rescue effort? A sharp and significant rise in Global Debt.

Almost nine years later, the ensuing ‘recovery’, bought so expensively, is still not robust enough for the Central Banks to be able to withdraw their ongoing support, which they continue to provide through aggressive ‘Asset Purchase’ programs, and ultra-low to negative interest rates.
“Be aware that the economy is not meant to control us ... we are meant to control the economy.”
Bob Proctor