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"Fast-moving global events are constantly changing your world. You need to understand how they may affect your personal world. We have detailed reports that can assist." ~ Ashok Dhillon
Donald J. Trump became the improbable President of the United States on the back of some very aggressive promises to the American people. These promises were primarily of American economic resurgence, coupled with an abundance of jobs, enhanced security through severely restricted travel to the U.S. from certain Muslim countries, and the blocking of illegal immigration, particularly from Mexico through the building of ‘the great big beautiful wall’. These primary promises were going to be fulfilled by dealing harshly with other countries, as under Trump’s assessment America had been too soft in the past, and had therefore been taken advantage of by others. We doubt the countries that have felt America’s hard power both in active military invasions and/or interventions (ongoing currently, and in the past decades), and in globe dominating businesses from branding, manufacturing, banking to technologies, would much agree with Trump, but then he isn’t much for worrying about realities, he prefers to create his own.

“Be aware that the economy is not meant to control us ... we are meant to control the economy.”
Bob Proctor

Due to a major illness, Mr. Dhillon was not able to write any significant Economic White Papers this year

To those of us who follow these things, the past few years have been a study in the improbable becoming main-stream. In economic governance globally, after the 2008 financial and economic crisis, the governments perforce had to do the unusual to stave off the global financial systems collapse, triggered by the imprudent financial practices in the United States. It was very understandable for the first couple of years, considering the gravity ... CONTINUE ... 4 Pages