1. Believe Inspire Dream
    28 Dec, 2013
    Reflections for a NEW YEAR – For Your Success
    This piece is dedicated to my daughters Jaya and Saira, who strive for success, while believing in helping others. As we approach the New Year, we are hopeful, as we always are, because every New Year is an opportunity, regardless of what happened in the previous year or the previous many years. For some of us, the past year(s) may have been disappointing because they did not meet expectations, for others the past year(s) may have been devastating due to personal, community or national
  2. Judaism, Christianity, Islam – Children of the One God?
    17 Dec, 2013
    Judaism, Christianity, Islam – Children of the One God?
    As we approach Christmas, one of the largest Christian religious festivals, celebrated through most of the World, we couldn’t help but reflect on the continuing, willful and incomprehensible conflict, between the practitioners of the three major and related religions that emanate according to their own Scriptures, from a single Divine source. Linearly, Judaism developed first, Christianity next, and a half a century or so later Islam. And, in spite of their God’s Commandments, in which they all