1. Trump Makes America Hate Again
    05 Nov, 2017
    Trump – Know Thy Terrorists
    One of the most frustrating things about listening to Donald J. Trump after a terrorist attack, or a shooting incident, or him addressing global terrorism for that matter, is he does not know what he is talking about as he uses the incident only from the perspective of appealing to his political base. Now, if he was just an ‘Ordinary Joe’, nobody would care, as his opinions would be his own business and matter little. But when it is the President of the United States, with the power to set
  2. Judaism, Christianity, Islam – Children of the One God?
    17 Dec, 2013
    Judaism, Christianity, Islam – Children of the One God?
    As we approach Christmas, one of the largest Christian religious festivals, celebrated through most of the World, we couldn’t help but reflect on the continuing, willful and incomprehensible conflict, between the practitioners of the three major and related religions that emanate according to their own Scriptures, from a single Divine source. Linearly, Judaism developed first, Christianity next, and a half a century or so later Islam. And, in spite of their God’s Commandments, in which they all