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America's Unfair, Unjustified Vendetta Against Iran

Tuesday, October 17, 2017


Ashok Dhillon


  1. So Israel Really Is Above the Law – No Matter What
    12 Feb, 2018
    So Israel Really Is Above the Law – No Matter What
    Recently in a news article on BBC* we were informed:: ‘an Iranian drone had flown into Israeli air space from Syria which Israel shot down’, then as additional retaliation to the drone being launched, an 8 plane bombing mission was carried out by Israel to attack ‘Iranian’ positions in Syria’ from where the drone was suspected to have been launched. During this bombing mission an Israeli warplane, an F-16 Fighter Jet, was shot down by Syrian anti-aircraft missile defences. The two pilots flying
  2. Trump at Davos – The Rooster Crows from The Rooftop
    30 Jan, 2018
    Trump at Davos – The Rooster Crows from The Rooftop
    The World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, is the rooftop of the global elite of business, finance, politics and the arts. It is an annual gathering of the World’s elite that Steve Bannon, Trump’s closest advisor, had thoroughly discredited in a Trump pre-campaign 2014 speech, calling it an anti-global worker ‘party of Davos’. The Forum in Davos is the nucleus of the global elite coming together to meet and come to an understanding with each other on advancing the agenda of the established
  3. A Stormy 2017 - And 2018 Is Just As Bad
    20 Jan, 2018
    A Stormy 2017 - And 2018 Is Just As Bad
    It was a stormy 2017, and apart from the hurricanes, cyclones and typhoons, Donald Trump was the biggest geo-political cluster bomb, rocking the very foundations of the already fractured World-order by the sheer reserves of his general ignorance, limitless capacity to do harm, and deeply offending crudity. Apart from all the other bad actors in the World, and there never ever seems to be a shortage of those, Donald Trump assures an unsettled, stormy 2018, with the potential for multiple
  4. Trump - The Barbarian at Asia's Gate
    19 Nov, 2017
    Trump – The Barbarian at Asia’s Gate
    To say that Trump is ungainly and ungraceful, unlike his nights-haunting former President Barack Obama, both physically and intellectually, is to state the obvious. One only had to watch the awkward, blundering, gaffe filled 12 days of Trump in Asia to get all the verification that one would want of this man, to be the caricature of the historical western ‘barbarian’ to the protocol and tradition sensitive Asians that hosted him; except of course to the ‘fellow-boor-in-arms’, the rude, lawless,
  5. Trump Makes America Hate Again
    05 Nov, 2017
    Trump – Know Thy Terrorists
    One of the most frustrating things about listening to Donald J. Trump after a terrorist attack, or a shooting incident, or him addressing global terrorism for that matter, is he does not know what he is talking about as he uses the incident only from the perspective of appealing to his political base. Now, if he was just an ‘Ordinary Joe’, nobody would care, as his opinions would be his own business and matter little. But when it is the President of the United States, with the power to set
  6. Trump's Concussed Confused America
    05 Sep, 2017
    Trump`s Concussed Confused America
    Trump came out of ‘Right Field’ and hit America on the side of its head, leaving it concussed and confused. America has been increasingly confused for some decades now, not really knowing how to deal with being the global hero after the Second World War, and more recently the World’s only ‘Super Power’. But since Trumps` election, that sense of confusion has grown regarding its leadership role, and its own cherished value systems.   Aided and abetted by a President who makes it a point of
  7. America’s Deal-Making & The Trump Factor
    26 Jul, 2017
    America’s Deal-Making & The Trump Factor
    When America becomes insincere and unethical, the World becomes a more dangerous place. For decades now, certainly since the collapse of the Soviet Union, the United States has been the de-facto and undisputed ‘Super Power’ of the World, and hence the self-professed global policeman. As the global policeman, just as in real policing, if the police become self-serving and untrustworthy, the people stop believing that their safety lies with the police. In America’s case, there are many instances
  8. The Sins of the Trumps’ Mount
    15 Jul, 2017
    The Sins of the Trumps’ Mount
    The past week has been abuzz with the revelation of yet another, previously undisclosed meeting between the Trump family members, the Trump Campaign Manager, and some Russian individuals. As details were forced out, the supposed innocent meeting, as described by son Donald Trump Jr., the father President Trump, and the White House staff, is turning out to be anything but, and instead may be the first glimpse of a smoking gun in the many investigations underway to try and discover if there was
  9. Republican Dysfunction - Democrats Self Flagellation
    22 Jun, 2017
    Republican Dysfunction - Democrats Self Flagellation
    The Democrats choose to pitch a very public battle with the idea that Special Elections in strongest Republican constituencies are a battle between them, their values and ability to govern (proven in past Democratic Administrations), versus Trump, his Administration, and the Republicans, and their current collective inability to govern. The Democrats think that the loud and obvious dysfunction and chaos that has defined the Trump Presidency so far, and the spectacular failures of the Republicans