In A Gathering Global Storm – India Falters First

Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Ashok Dhillon


  1. The Summit That Will Shape - South East Asia
    03 Apr, 2018
    The Summit That Will Shape - South East Asia
    If the talks between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un actually take place, uncertainty being endemic to the relationship, considering the volatile and unpredictable nature of the two leaders, and the terms of the meeting not being clear, the outcome of that meeting if it happens will shape the power-equation that will shape South-East and Far-East Asia. The enmity between North Korea and the United States of America goes back to the early 1950s, when the intervention of American Armed Forces saved
  2. Moderation Out - American Hawkishness In
    25 Mar, 2018
    Moderation Out - American Hawkishness In
    One of Donald Trump’s interminable boasts has been that he hires only the very best. In actuality, the very start of his Presidency dispelled that myth forthwith as Trump started having to get rid of his early handpicked team including some of his most prominent campaign team members, and then those that survived into the Presidency itself, particularly his personal favorite the highly suspect and thoroughly tainted and intemperate National Security Advisor, Retd. General Mike Flynn. Since then
  3. Trump’s Reign: Nero-Style - The Burning of Rome
    18 Mar, 2018
    Trump’s Reign: Nero-Style - The Burning of Rome
    As an American President, Donald J. Trump is proving to be so unconventional, so outrageous in his behavior, so vindictive and destructive in some of his actions and words that it is not possible to find a suitable comparison in modern American history, even the famed misfit George W. Bush does not compare. But there is an uncanny resemblance to one of history’s more infamous ruler from ancient times, the Roman Emperor Nero Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus, who was thought to have burned down
  4. Trudeau’s Turbulent India Trip – Or When the Prince Kissed the Frog
    01 Mar, 2018
    Trudeau’s Turbulent India Trip – Or When the Prince Kissed the Frog
    Cover story in April-June 2018 Justin Trudeau is the closest thing to Canadian royalty, the ‘Prince’, as the eldest son of arguably one of the most famous Canadian Prime Ministers in modern time, Joseph Philippe Pierre Yves Elliot Trudeau PC CC CH QC FRSC; a constitutional lawyer, a politician, a writer, and an internationally known and respected statesman that was responsible for constitutional and political achievements that in many ways helped shape and define
  5. So Israel Really Is Above the Law – No Matter What
    12 Feb, 2018
    So Israel Really Is Above the Law – No Matter What
    Recently in a news article on BBC* we were informed:: ‘an Iranian drone had flown into Israeli air space from Syria which Israel shot down’, then as additional retaliation to the drone being launched, an 8 plane bombing mission was carried out by Israel to attack ‘Iranian’ positions in Syria’ from where the drone was suspected to have been launched. During this bombing mission an Israeli warplane, an F-16 Fighter Jet, was shot down by Syrian anti-aircraft missile defences. The two pilots flying
  6. Trump at Davos – The Rooster Crows from The Rooftop
    30 Jan, 2018
    Trump at Davos – The Rooster Crows from The Rooftop
    The World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, is the rooftop of the global elite of business, finance, politics and the arts. It is an annual gathering of the World’s elite that Steve Bannon, Trump’s closest advisor, had thoroughly discredited in a Trump pre-campaign 2014 speech, calling it an anti-global worker ‘party of Davos’. The Forum in Davos is the nucleus of the global elite coming together to meet and come to an understanding with each other on advancing the agenda of the established
  7. A Stormy 2017 - And 2018 Is Just As Bad
    20 Jan, 2018
    A Stormy 2017 - And 2018 Is Just As Bad
    It was a stormy 2017, and apart from the hurricanes, cyclones and typhoons, Donald Trump was the biggest geo-political cluster bomb, rocking the very foundations of the already fractured World-order by the sheer reserves of his general ignorance, limitless capacity to do harm, and deeply offending crudity. Apart from all the other bad actors in the World, and there never ever seems to be a shortage of those, Donald Trump assures an unsettled, stormy 2018, with the potential for multiple
  8. Trump - The Barbarian at Asia's Gate
    19 Nov, 2017
    Trump – The Barbarian at Asia’s Gate
    To say that Trump is ungainly and ungraceful, unlike his nights-haunting former President Barack Obama, both physically and intellectually, is to state the obvious. One only had to watch the awkward, blundering, gaffe filled 12 days of Trump in Asia to get all the verification that one would want of this man, to be the caricature of the historical western ‘barbarian’ to the protocol and tradition sensitive Asians that hosted him; except of course to the ‘fellow-boor-in-arms’, the rude, lawless,
  9. Trump Makes America Hate Again
    05 Nov, 2017
    Trump – Know Thy Terrorists
    One of the most frustrating things about listening to Donald J. Trump after a terrorist attack, or a shooting incident, or him addressing global terrorism for that matter, is he does not know what he is talking about as he uses the incident only from the perspective of appealing to his political base. Now, if he was just an ‘Ordinary Joe’, nobody would care, as his opinions would be his own business and matter little. But when it is the President of the United States, with the power to set