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  1. Netanyahu’s Win – Everyone’s Loss
    21 Mar, 2015
    Netanyahu’s Win – Everyone’s Loss
    A few days ago, Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu won a hard fought election for his fourth term as Prime Minister of Israel. Bibi’s win was a classic case of what desperate politicians do when fighting to gain, or as in this case, retain power at all cost. They divide and fracture society for personal gain, at great and sometimes tragic cost to the country. Instead of unifying its citizenry under a progressive plan of hope and required change, which would address chronic weaknesses and problems that
  2. Judaism, Christianity, Islam – Children of the One God?
    17 Dec, 2013
    Judaism, Christianity, Islam – Children of the One God?
    As we approach Christmas, one of the largest Christian religious festivals, celebrated through most of the World, we couldn’t help but reflect on the continuing, willful and incomprehensible conflict, between the practitioners of the three major and related religions that emanate according to their own Scriptures, from a single Divine source. Linearly, Judaism developed first, Christianity next, and a half a century or so later Islam. And, in spite of their God’s Commandments, in which they all