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Trump Makes America Hate Again

Trump – Know Thy Terrorists (#103)

Sunday, November 05, 2017


Ashok Dhillon


  1. Ginger Baker - In Time (#141)
    07 Oct, 2019
    Ginger Baker - In Time (#141)
    It was 1969, my senior graduating year, when I first heard the music of the English blues-rock-band, ‘Cream’, founded by the drummer Ginger Baker in 1966, with bass player Jack Bruce, and the lead guitarist Eric Clapton. The trio, Cream, lasted just two years but in those two years they ‘changed the World of Rock’ and became the first ever ‘super band’. Ginger Baker went-on to be known as the most innovative, influential drummer in rock music, who would influence generations of ‘rock drummers’;
  2. Trump Provides the Crimes – The Republicans Deny & Deny (#140)
    30 Sep, 2019
    Trump Provides the Crimes – The Republicans Deny & Deny (#140)
    In repeated extraordinary displays of brazen denials, the Republicans have turned the US government into a crime syndicate, whose chosen Boss is obviously Trump, but whose Republican Senators and Congressmen Lawmaker’s secret oath to protect the 'Boss' with straight-faced lies, and repeated stubborn denials of reality, would turn the most hardened Mafia Boss green with envy. Republicans now belong to Trump, and except for a very few, they dare not cross him in fear for the political lives, as
  3. A Bad Week for the Two Rogues - Trump/Boris (#139)
    26 Sep, 2019
    A Bad Week for the Two Rogues - Trump/Boris (#139)
    Two former bastions of democracy and the rule-of-law, the United States (US) and the United Kingdom (UK), are currently being led by two rogues who are known to lie consistently to achieve their political and personal agendas, and who flaunt the rule-of-law in their pursuit of political goals and the resultant political power that follows. Well, they both had a bad week, where their actions resulted in a serious blowbacks they obviously hadn’t anticipated in their calculations. In the US, as a
  4. Trudeau’s Love of Blackface – Leaves Canada Red-faced (#138)
    23 Sep, 2019
    Trudeau’s Love of Blackface – Leaves Canada Red-faced (#138)
    On their worst day, Canada and its Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, are more socially, racially and religiously accepting, and tolerant, than most countries and their leaders in the world, currently. And if truth be told, most white and non-white, naturalized Canadian citizens, if asked, would readily admit that the countries (and their leadership) they originally came from, even if generations ago, are still frighteningly racist, bigoted and intolerant when compared to Canada and Trudeau (and
  5. Robert Mueller – The Boy Scout that Refused to Brawl (#137)
    27 Jul, 2019
    Robert Mueller – The Boy Scout that Refused to Brawl (#137)
    Robert Mueller is a genuine War Hero, a Marine Corp Officer, a recipient of the Bronze Star, and a Purple Heart, a Princeton Graduate, a distinguished lawyer and public prosecutor, a United States Deputy Attorney General, and a Senate confirmed Director of the FBI under four US Presidents, two Republicans, Bush Sr. and Bush Jr., and two Democrats Bill Clinton and Barack Obama. And, considering the extraordinary abuse heaped on him during and after the conclusion of his investigation,
  6. America – What Beacon of Light on the Hill (#136)
    18 Jul, 2019
    America – What Beacon of Light on the Hill (#136)
    Today’s America has become the poster boy of intolerance, racial, religious and ideological division and hate, boldly stoked daily, publicly, by its elected President. His division-mongering hate is being eagerly picked up by the white supremacy believing crowd that turned a recent rally into a throwback to the glory days of Hitler, standing at the podium while the adoring crowds chanted hateful, spiteful slogans about the Jews, who they then allowed to be slaughtered mercilessly by their
  7. The Great Republican Heroes versus – The Loser (#135)
    01 Jun, 2019
    The Great Republican Heroes versus – The Loser (#135)
    The raging partisan war that is tearing America apart and is going to define this era in history, ebbs and flows with every event that adds fuel to both sides, as in the latest spurt of gasoline that was squirted on to the conflagration by the less than 10 minutes of retiring Special Counsel’s Robert Muller’s ‘Yoda’ speak. The taciturn and unusually reticent public commentator took the rare step of stepping out into the public arena with its inevitable glare, for approximately 10 minutes, to
  8. A Trade War – Or the Taming of China (#134)
    14 May, 2019
    A Trade War – Or the Taming of China (#134)
    The United States and China are currently locked in an escalating ‘trade war’... But, it’s more than just issues of trade and tariffs. Over the past decades as China gained in economic and military strength, and flaunted the rules of international commercial engagement, and as the developed countries struggled with loss of manufacturing jobs to emerging markets, especially to China, a geo-political power struggle started to take shape which has now grown into open rivalry and become a test of
  9. Mueller Report – Crimes/Coordination/Obstructions – Our Conclusions (#133)
    26 Apr, 2019
    Mueller Report – Crimes/Coordination/Obstructions – Our Conclusions (#133)
    Special Counsel, Robert Swan Mueller III, has put America to the test. His ‘Special Prosecutor Investigation Report’ records in excruciating detail, over 400 pages of crimes, lies, misdemeanors and obstructive intent, with detailed ‘Notes’ and ‘Annotations’, and outlines Donald J. Trump and his family, campaign team, advisers and surrogates, working with the Russian Government officials, agents, troll farms, and WikiLeaks, to hurt Hillary Clinton with false and misleading social media